Iranian Bride - groom Dance tradition - culture

Weddings in the past has been very important. The ceremony always been associated with great excitement consists of seven stages as follows: 1- marriage proposal and Mr. Groom with bouquet and sweets with his family goes to the bride home, and marriage proposals are performed by adults. 2- Nomination or sweets: This time, after agreeing to marry. House nomination is usually dresses in which the groom's family to the bride gifts such as scarves and dresses are offered. 3- JehezBaran: few days before the wedding ceremony JehezBaran takes place. Some of groom close family and the bride's family come to see the bride's dowry invitation ceremony. 4- When the dowry ceremony at the groom's house takes place, someone from the family of the bride, gives the grooms family a list which means that have shown the list of things provided by them to the bride. 5- Wedding: The ceremony celebrated the beginning of the married life of a couple. The ceremony in the countries and cultures, religions, ethnic groups and even different social classes, held in various forms.
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